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Media Kit
Jennifer’s Deals
Owner: Jennifer Clay
Contact Jennifer at:
Blog Stats as of 5/25/2013
Email Subscribers: 398
Google + Fans: 1,068
Facebook Fans: 12,224
Twitter Followers: 4,533
Pinterest Followers: 769
Alexa Rank: 184,399
Monthly Page Views: 25,000
Unique Monthly Vistors: 25,000
Google Page Rank: 2
About Jennifer’s Deals:
Jennifer’s Deals began in 2010 when Jennifer wanted a place to share her favorite deals,
freebies, product reviews, and giveaways. Over time, it has grown as people enjoyed the
different deals, freebies, product reviews and giveaways that were posted. Jennifer also focuses
on family-friendly posts which does well with her audience.
About the owner/Author:
Jennifer is a Stay at Home Mom of three children ranging in ages; 8 years , 7 years and 19
months old. She has two little girls and a baby boy. Jennifer has a Bachelor Degree in
Healthcare Administration from college.. She is a hard working individual who loves to share
exciting, new products with her readers via Jennifer’s Deals..
Social Media Links:
Google +:
Silly Dolls
Blooming Bath
Shoes for Crews
Titanic Museum
Bobee Diaper Caddy & Wipe Dispenser
My Wonderful Walls
Just for Men
For a whole list of brands/affiliations associated with Jennifer’s Deals please visit
Moms Meet
Trash Can Bloggers
The SITS Girls
Clever Girls Collective
Carmex Blog Squad
Social Fabric
Mom Central
Blog Friendly PR
Naturally Savvy
Sidebar Banner Ad - sized 125x125 - $15 per month
Text Links: One Month: $20 per month
(larger ad sizes are available: please contact to discuss rates)
Discounted Advertising:
Sidebar Banner Ad - sized 125x125
3 months: $25
6 months: $50
Text Links:
3 months: $45
6 months: $80
Premium Ad Space:
Premium Ad Space is available. This will consist of an ad above the fold. Rates will vary
depending on size & length of advertisement.
Sponsored Posts:
Prewitten Post: $50
Written by me: $75
Jennifer does belong to some affiliate programs. If you would like for Jennifer to become a
member of an affiliate program for your product/service you can contact her at with details and terms of your program.
Review Products That Would Fit Jennifer’s Deals:
Household Items
Children Products (toys, movies, clothes, shoes, ect.)
Green Products
Women Products
Men Products
Pets (Cats, Dogs)
Review Policies:
I disclose and follow FTC policies.
A full-sized product is required for all reviews and becomes property of Jennifer’s
Reviews are free of charge, providing the product value is $25 or more. If the
product is below $25, please send me information about it and Jennifer will determine
rates and if it would be a good fit for Jennifer’s Deals. (I have reviewed items less than
$25 for free in the past.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for the product review to be posted. If you have a
preferred date in mind for the review, I will work with you to accommodate your request.
Please let me know in advance.
I am not responsible for any shipping charges. Any packages sent COD will be
refused and returned to sender.
All reviews are my honest opinion. If I cannot provide a positive review, I will
contact you prior to posting.
Giveaway Policies:
A giveaway will greatly increase post views, much more than a review by itself.
Giveaways are actively promoted on social networking sites and blogging communities
to further increase exposure.
Giveaways without a review product may require a fee.
Most giveaways will run for 2 weeks.
If you have Facebook or Twitter pages or other Social Media Links you would like
to have included, please let me know in advance.
You must ship this directly to the winner; I am not responsible for prize