System Modeling And Simulation U2013 An Introduction

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Faculty of Engineering
Gadjah Mada University
System Modeling and Simulation
Part 2: System Simulation
1 – An Introduction
Andi Sudiarso
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
To understand system thinking and approach using
system characterisation, modeling, and analysis
To solve real world problems using analytical and/or
simulation approaches
(Curriculum 2006, JTMI)
System characterisations, such as input variables (input
factors, decision variables), output variables
(performance measures) and system parameters
Other characterisations, such as open or close models,
deterministic or stochastic, dynamic or static, discrete or
continuous, etc.
Application of system thinking and approach to build
analytical model and/or simulation model
System modeling from problem definition, system
characterisation, model formulation, parameter
estimation, model interpretation, model analysis and
validation, and model implementation
System simulation
(Curriculum JTMI)
Materials (1)
Concepts and definitions: system, state, and model
Model: functions, benefits, and applications
Basic principles of modeling process
System thinking and approach to solve real problems
Modeling 1: problem definition and system
characterisation, activity cycle diagram
Modeling 2: model formulation, static models,
continuous-deterministic models, and discrete-
stochastic models
Materials (2)
Modeling 3: discrete-event simulation models
Modeling 4: parameter estimation, analytical solution
and simulation
Modeling 5: model validation based on assumptions
and responses (behaviours)
Modeling 6: experiments with model, sensitivity and
performance analysis, comparative study of modeling
alternatives, optimisation
Model interpretation and implementation
System simulation and study cases
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