Studi Tentang Experiential Marketing ( Pada Skuter Matik Yamaha Mio Dealer Yamaha Agung Motor Kota Semarang )

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  • Author: Libels Destiara, Eisha Lataruva
  • Contact: -
  • Supervisor: -
  • Type: Tugas Akhir
  • Department: Universitas Diponegoro
  • Division: Department of Management
  • Language: Indonesia
  • Subject: Social Sciences (General)
  • Publisher: Fakultas Ekonomika Dan Bisnis
  • Published: 2014-06-19
  • Location: Universitas Diponegoro
  • City: Semarang
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ABSTRACT: This study aims to examine experiential marketing on purchasing decisions on automatic scooter Yamaha Mio dealer Yamaha Agung Motor Semarang City. This study uses six variables: experiential marketing, sense, feel, think, act, relate. This study used accidental sampling technique with 100 respondents. Respondents in this study were consumers dealer Yamaha Agung Motor Semarang City. Then the data were analyzed by using the validity and reliability test, the classic assumption test, linear analysis, and test the feasibility of the model. Based on the results of the regression analysis showed that the variable sense, feel, think, act, relate positive and significant impact on purchasing decisions. Of the five variables studied greatest influence than others feel is variable

KEYWORDS: Decision Purchase, Sense, Feel, Think, Act And Relate

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